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Business – Inspiration – Climate Change




Poikkeustilanteen vuoksi KIPINÄ tapahtumaa ei järjestetä vuonna 2020. Järjestämme tapahtuman yhtä kiinnostavana ja inspiroivana seuraavana vuonna.

Metallican rumpali ja perustaja, Lars Ulrichin kanssa käydään edelleen neuvotteluja, hänen esiintymisensä siirrosta seuraavaan vuoteen mutta neuvotellaan myös vaihtoehtoisesti uusien pääpuhujien kanssa.


Uutta tapahtumapaikkakuntaa etsitään seuraavalle vuodelle ja alustavia neuvotteluja käydään tällä hetkellä Levin osalta. Markkina-alueena Levi on hedelmällinen ja kansainvälinen platform korkeanprofiilin tapahtumalle. KIPINÄ Levi -tapahtuman järjestämiselle on löytynyt kiinnostusta, luontevia yhteistyötahoja ja kumppaneita alueellisesta näkyvyydestä hyötyviltä tahoilta. Käytämme tämän poikkeusajan tehokkaasti suunnittelun-, linjauksien- ja yksityiskohtien hiomisen merkeissä.

Muita paikkakuntavaihtoehtoja on myös ollut esillä. Sopimusneuvotteluiden ollessa vielä kesken, toivomme että kunnat ja muut yhteistyötahot lähestyvät järjestäjää oman paikkakunnan KIPINÄ tapahtumaa ajatellen. Kuntapuolen yhteistyö on avainasemassa.


KIPINÄ HOPE- Live & Interactive webinaarit on konsepti ja sarja interaktiivisia luentoja, jonka tämänhetkisenä teemana on ajankohtainen COVID-19 pandemia. Jokaisella puhujalla on sama otsikko: HOPE.

Webinaarisarjan ensimmäiseksi puhujaksi on saatu KIPINÄ Kokkola tapahtumakonseptin mukaisesti, tiedemaailman supertähti ja nykypäivän ”Einstein”, Professori Michio Kaku.


Michio Kaku on yhdysvaltalainen teoreettinen fyysikko, professori ja yksi säieteorian haaroihin kuuluvan säiekenttäteorian kehittäjistä.

Kaku on kirjoittanut useita oppikirjoja sekä julkaissut kymmeniä tieteellisiä artikkeleita muun muassa supersäieteoriasta, supergravitaatiosta, supersymmetriasta ja hadronifysiikasta. Hänet tunnetaan myös useiden kansantajuisten tiedekirjojen kirjoittajana.


– Beyond Einstein (with Jennifer Thompson) (1995)
– Hyperavaruus. (Alkuteos: Hyperspace. A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes,
– Time Warps, and the Tenth Dimension, 1995). Suomentanut Kimmo Pietiläinen.
– Helsinki: Art House, 1996. ISBN 951-884-192-6.
– Visions: How Science Will Revolutionize the 21st Century (1998)
– Einstein’s Cosmos (2004)
– Parallel Worlds (2004)
– Physics of the Impossible (2008)
– Physics of the Future (2011)
– The Future of the Mind (2014)
– The Future of Humanity: Terraforming Mars, Interstellar Travel, Immortality, and Our Destiny Beyond Earth (2018)

Lähde Wikipedia.

Vastaan mielelläni lisäkysymyksiin ja tiedotamme uusista webinaareista sekä tapahtumamuutoksista myös jatkossa.

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Kipinä Kokkola 2019

One of the biggest and most inspiring business conferences in northern Scandinavia

Get inspired by the worlds biggest rock stars, legendary politicians, sports stars and great business leaders.

   Kokkola Ice Arena. Business lounge tent with sponsors’ stands is open during the event.

   2500 attendees expected

   catering by Fazer – menu (suomeksi / in Finnish)


(S-etukortti 5€ off ticket prices – show your card at the event)


8.00 Doors open / Ovet auki
9.30 Perttu Pölönen, Inventor, futurist, composer and startup entrepreneur – Technology is easy, humans are difficult. A look to the future!
9.55 ”Signmark” Marko Vuorenheimo, CEO Signmark Productions Oy – From impossible to possible!
11.05 Janne Saarrikko, CEO of Clewat – What can we do to save the seas and the planet
11.15 Göran Persson, Former Prime Minister of Sweden – The Challenges for European nation states
11.45 Mikael Staffas, President and CEO, Boliden Oy – Changing society with metals
10.30 & 14.40 KIP (Kokkola Industrial Park) area bus tours / KIP alueen bussikierrokset
13.15 Ian Rush, Liverpool FC legend – What it takes to transfer your success to a new arena
13.45 Pertti Lamberg, Professor and CEO of Keliber Oy – Powering people to choose for climate
14.00 Rajul Vasa, Founder of Vasa Concept – Journey from darkness to light
15.45 Tony Iommi, Founder and former guitarist of Black Sabbath – How he became the inventor of Heavy Metal – an interview with Jone Nikula
16.20 Riku Rantala ja Tunna Milonoff, Madventures – From a basement to 200 countries
17.00 The revelation of next year’s superstar speaker!

 KIPINÄ ESCAPE ROOM – parhaalle joukkueelle palkinto!


 Koe ainutlaatuinen hamppusauna ja rentoudu paljussa

 Business MeetUp – klo 12.15 by Kosek

 KIP alueen esittelykierrokset 10.30 & 14.40


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VIP – numbered seating in prime position. Incl. lunch and VIP-lounge. 200 €
GOLD – numbered seating place (katsomo, numeroitu paika ) 150 €
SILVER – side standing area (numeroimaton, sivukatsomo) 120 €

Ticket deals for companies

VIP – numbered seating in prime position. Incl. lunch and VIP-lounge. (normally 200 €)
2—5 tickets 143 €/ticket
6—10 tickets 133 €/ticket
11 tickets 119 €/ticket
Stands – numbered place (katsomo, numeroitu paika) (normally 150 €)
2-5 tickets 118 €/ticket
6-10 tickets 108 €/ticket
11 tickets 88 €/ticket
Side standing area (numeroimaton, sivukatsomo) (normally 120 €)
2—5 tickets 89 €/ticket
6—10 tickets 79 €/ticket
11 tickets 72 €/ticket
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Master of Ceremonies

Jone Nikula


The Finnish people know Jone Nikula above all as an Idols judge. In addition to judging, the former editor of Radio City’s metal music programs (program manager for both RC and Kiss FM) has made other TV programs, run clubs, hosted festivals and concerts, and written a history of Finnish metal music and most recently a book, Unia Julkuista. Jone’s latest role is as editor-in-chief of a magazine.

Jone lectures on the themes he has learned in his diverse career: the change in entertainment and media, and the change he has been at the heart of, is also a learning experience for other areas. The future, creativity and working with creative people, media literacy and fans, the rising phenomenon of our time, are his core themes. Creative thinking is also central to Jone’s own life, revealing solutions that differ from traditional attitudes.


Göran Persson

Former Prime Minister of Sweden

The Challenges for nation states with the background of the huge developments with climate change, migration and all major 21st Century issues are that states have become too small to handle them individually, and so it has to be done with the co-operation of others

Göran Persson has unique and broad experience in Public Affairs, Financial Markets, Mergers & Aquisitions, international politics and the EU. He is known for his broad, personal knowledge of issues like climate-change, European relations with Russia, and the challenges to the welfare state. He shares his experience of steering economic recovery with business audiences across the world.

Ian Rush

Liverpool FC

Ian Rush MBE is best known as a regular goal scorer for Liverpool FC and the Welsh national football team during the 1980s and 1990s. Since 2005, he has been involved in media work within the game, including a stint as an analyst with ESPN. He also appears as a pundit and reporter for Sky Sports and Sky Sports News.

Recently voted in the top three most popular football players who have graced a Liverpool shirt and a confirmed achiever, Ian Rush MBE understands the many criteria at play in achieving your goals. As such he shows you what it takes not only to achieve but also to transfer your success to a new arena.

Tony Iommi

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi is synonymous with heavy rock, his innovative dark riffs are acknowledged to be the beginning of what became heavy metal. His musical career was nearly derailed prematurely after he suffered an accident but with sheer determination he overcame his challenges and continued his music.

Tony Iommi provides a truly inspiring, uplifting and motivating talk, helping to put into context some of the difficulties we all face from time-to-time professionally and personally.

Dr. Rajul Vasa

Vasa Concept Global Ry

Indian Rajul Vasa is the founder of the Vasa Concept – a format developed by the physiotherapist and clinical expert which is particularly suited to brain injury, stroke, cerebral palsy and spinal rehabilitation. Vasa concept’s purpose is to promote awareness of this rehabilitation format in Finland and abroad through rehabiliation training for professionals.

The Inspiring story of doctor Rajul Vasa. How she came up with the Vasa concept and the results.

Marko Vuoriheimo


Signmark realised an impossible dream to become the world’s first deaf artist to record for an international record company. In addition to his music, he is a great inspirational speaker, working with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, for example. He left teaching and founded Signmark Productions in 2009. In 2016, Signmark Productions created a mobile application that connects sign language and sign language interpreters worldwide with CGI.

Marko is an artist, speaker and presenter. He is an expressive, entertaining and adaptable host with experience in seminars, opening ceremonies and TV shows.

Marko is positively ambitious and does not easily give up. Sustainable profits cannot be achieved without failures, but failures scare us. This fear should be overcome and with an understanding of the importance of cooperation opens up new worlds.

Signmark will definitely bring an attitude to the stage!

Riku Rantala, Tunna Milonoff


From a basement to 200 countries. Internationally successful Riku Rantala and director Tuomas “Tunna” Milonoff, the producer of Madventures, who has emerged as a top-notch and global distributor, have gained popularity with their originality and agility. In their program, the pair travel around the world on their own with a small budget and big adventures. In the autumn of 2017, Madventures started its fifth season.

As lecturers, Riku Rantala and Tuomas Milonoff are engaging and personal. The Madventures adventures provide the basis for their lectures that are broadly touching on, for example, multiculturalism, goal achievement, courage and creativity. Lectures by Riku and Milonoff motivate, inspire thoughts and inspire a wide range of audiences.

Madventures was chosen as Speaker of the Year 2016.

Pertti Lamberg


Pertti Lamberg (Ph.D, Geology) is CEO of Keliber Oy. He has previously held several different positions in Outotec Research Oy and Outokumpu Research Oy, 1990–2010.

“This is a great opportunity to come to lead a mining project in such an excellent development stage. I feel great enthusiasm to come to manage the company and the project which has a final product in a significant role in the ongoing electrification of transportation and in the future’s renewable energy storage solutions. I am absolutely convinced that we have an excellent base to take Keliber Oy’s Lithium project into the production stage over the coming years”, Lamberg says.

Perttu Pölönen

Inventor & Futurist

Perttu Pölönen is an inventor, futurist, composer and startup entrepreneur who has won the largest European Youth Research Competition (EUCYS) and graduated from the Singularity University – Future University, at the NASA Research Center in California.

An academically trained composer from the Sibelius Academy, he has also studied exponential technologies in Silicon Valley. worked as a disruption analyst and established a 360ed charity organization at NASA to develop teacher training in Myanmar using virtual reality technology.

Pertu’s own Sävelkello – a music theory app for children – is a classic example of how a personal challenge can turn into an internationally awarded and patented export product.

Perttu is an energizing speaker who helps to meet the great technological and social issues of our time. Above all, Perttu strives to shake up prejudices and raise ideas about the changes brought about by technology. Perttu takes the belief in how everything is possible when nothing is certain.

Janne Saarikko

Clewat Oy

Janne Saarikko is a Senior Adviser at Midas Equities and CEO of Clewat, a fast growing Cleantech company originating in Kokkola, Finland focusing on solving the plastic waste, excess biomass, oil spills and other pollution problems of our oceans, seas, rivers and lakes.

He has extensive practical experience on derivatives and capital markets from various sides of the table, has held various senior markets positions in the largest banking group of the Nordic region. Mr Saarikko has been instrumental in creating several growth markets in Silicon Valley and worked as a disruption analyst and established a 360ed charity organization at NASA to develop teacher training in Myanmar using virtual reality technology.

Mr Saarikko has both Bachelor and Master degrees from the School of Business at Aalto University. He has also ongoing PhD studies in Hanken and has studied law and information technology at the University of Helsinki. Mr Saarikko has extensive speaking experience from events, conferences and courses in more than 10 countries.

Mikael Staffas


Mikael Staffas holds the position of President and CEO of Boliden since 1 June 2018. He has been a member of the Group Management at Boliden since 2011, first as CFO and then as President of Boliden Mines. He is also Chairman of the Board of GAF (Swedish Mining Employer Association) as well as a member of the Boards of both SveMin (the Swedish Mining Industry Association) and Eurometaux (European association representing the combined non-ferrous metals industry).

Before joining Boliden, Mikael was the CFO of the Swedish forest products group Södra and before that he was a Partner at McKinsey & Co in both the Stockholm and Moscow offices.

Between 2013 and 2018 Mikael also served as a non-executive director of SJ (Swedish State Railways).

Mikael holds an MSc in Engineering Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and an MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleu, France.

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Business lounge

The Business lounge is a great place for sales talk, networking and business! Located in the Ice Arena, sponsors present their services and the bravest ones will also be getting up on stage.

Jäähallista löytyy Business Lounge jossa tapahtuu päivän mittaan. Sponsorit esittelevät osastoillaan palveluitaan ja rohkeimmat nousevat lavalle pitchaamaan. Hieno paikka myyntipuheille, verkostoitumiselle ja bisnekselle!

Catering / Tarjoilut

Kipinä catering by Fazer / KIPINÄn cateringin hoitaa Fazer. Take a look at the Menu.

Brainhow – morning buffet /aamutorin buffet (15,50 €) 8.00–10.00
Get together lunch/-lounas (18,50€) 12.00–14.00
B2B break – afternoon / iltapäivä (15,50 €) 14.30–16.00

Ennakkovaraukset ja tiedustelut:

Puhelimitse 020-7296074

Mikko Laaksonen

Gastro Chef for the KIPINÄ event is Mikko Laaksonen. He has created a taste experience for numerous events, including Nordic Business Forum and Slush. Mikko uses the best domestic raw ingredients to make responsible choices for your plate. It is now possible to enjoy this taste experience in KIPINÄ!

KIPINÄ-tapahtuman Gastro Chef on Mikko Laaksonen. Hän on luonut makukokemukset lukuisiin tapahtumiin, mm. Nordic Business Forumiin ja Slush’iin. Mikko arvostaa kotimaisia puhtaita raaka-aineita ja haluaa tehdä vastuullisia valintoja asiakkaan lautaselle. Tämä makukokemus on nyt mahdollista nauttia myös KIPINÄssä!



Gather your group and order your very own bus! The Dahl liner offers a 50-seat tourist bus at the following rates:

Kerää porukka kasaan ja tilaa oma bussi! Dahl-linjaliikenne tarjoaa käyttöösi 50-paikkaisen turistibussin seuraavin hinnoin:


06:30 Vaasa – Kokkola 08:00 
17:00 Kokkola – Vaasa 18:30
800 € (includes 10% tax / sis 10 % alv)


05:30 Oulu – Kokkola 08:00 
17:00 Kokkola – Oulu 19:30
1100 € (includes 10% tax / sis 10 % alv)


07:00 Ylivieska – Kokkola 08:00 
17:00 Kokkola – Ylivieska 18:00
700 € (includes 10% tax / sis 10 % alv)


06:15 Seinäjoki – Kokkola 08:00 
17:00 Kokkola – Seinäjoki 18:45
900 € (includes 10% tax / sis 10 % alv)

Contact / Yhteydenotot:

Jonas Dahl, Dahl-linjaliikenne Oy
Puh +358 10 5049 142 ( 24 h )
GSM: +358-50-339 6502


Use “Kipinä2019” for discounts at the following hotels:
“Kipinä2019” -koodilla alennukset seuraavista hotelleista:

Kokkolassa Seurahuone & Hotel Kokkola
Hotelli Sani, kalajoki including free transportation in the morning and evening / Kalajoella Hotelli Sani, josta myös ilmainen kuljetus aamulla ja illalla takaisin
Stadshotellet, Pietarsaari / Pietarsaaressa Stadshotellet / Kaupunginhotelli 

Use “BKIPINA2019” for discounts at the following: (ends 5.8)
“BKIPINA2019” koodilla alennus 5.8 asti:

Original Sokos Hotel Kaarle, Kokkolassa

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Kipinä Kokkola will be held at Kokkola Ice Arena

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